Guy Berryman during Charlie Brown @ Radio 1’s Big Weekend

And I don’t and I don’t and I don’t and I don’t
No, I don’t it’s true
I don’t, no I don’t, no I don’t, no I don’t
Want anybody else but you

Title: Goodbye And Goodnight
Artist: Coldplay
Played: 6441 times


Coldplay - Goodbye and Goodnight (demo)

Color Palettes + Ghost Stories Music Videos


Chris Martin giving his love button to the crowd at the end of the Glasgow gig

Moves Like Martin - from concerts of the MX era


What’s the point of trying to raise your voice

If no one ever hears?

Coldplay x Tokyo, Japan  || 06.12.14

a sky full of stars → original vs alternate

true love + blue


I hope everyone is having a great day today you’re all sunshine I love you all